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Alive Magazine 2010 Hot List
Best Breakfast: Crepes, etc. The name is true: The crepes deserve top billing, but without the rest of the menu— buttermilk-pecan waffles, chocolate pancakes, corned beef hash—this would not be such a great place to break the overnight fast. CWE, 314.367.2200.

"Crepes the new crepe place in the Central West End right on Maryland Plaza is a wonderful place. I stopped in there for lunch the other day and I am so glad that I did. Walking in the menu is written right up on the wall so all you have to do is look forward to see what it is that you want to eat.

I chose the ham and broccoli crepe and since it was a Monday I apparently was able to have a free cup of coffee. The fact that I was given a free cup of coffee automatically added quite a bit of awesome points to my opinion of the place.

Anyway, after getting my coffee, a nice Honduran blend, I found a table next to the window and waited for my crepe to come along. The nice thing about this place is that they prepare the crepes right up front so you can actually see them make it, which I always find comforting.

Well the crepe was wonderful, nice and tasty and just the right amount of food for me. Tremendously enjoyable."
- Aaron J.

“Both the crêpe connoisseur and the crêpe-averse will leave the eatery content, whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner…Se magnifique!” 
- Alive Magazine, January 2008